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  1. Can you untag an entire fixture? for example if i wanted to program a par chase without having any movers programed in, so that when you re-play the chase the movers wont move into the position they were in when the par chase was programed. sorry for the ramble i hope you can understand it!
  2. Refering to an earlier question posted to do with moving in blackout, Can I confirm; is this where the fixture will go from a blackout cue to the next state but move into posistion before bringing up its intensity? If so this would prove a very useful feature. Also what is dwell time? and what is the practical use of this feature? I've tried experimenting with it, but cannot see any change to either the fixture or the desks behavour. I would be very glad for an explanation as its been puzzling me for some time. (using Robe 575AT)
  3. Memories pass. The Frog remains.... Jean Rostand, French Scientist, (1894 - 1977)
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