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  1. The Atomic has a blinder function, just set the strobe in blinder-mode and record it into a submaster and use the flash-button or program a simple 2-step chase with the blinder-mode set on and off and put in into Beat. I would choose both. Cheers Wouter
  2. Tried to install the leapfrog 48/96 on 3 different pc's, it keeps crashing: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?> <DATABASE> <EXE NAME="PhantomFrogX.exe" FILTER="GRABMI_FILTER_PRIVACY"> <MATCHING_FILE NAME="PhantomFrogX.exe" SIZE="4549207" CHECKSUM="0x35319FF6" BIN_FILE_VERSION="" BIN_PRODUCT_VERSION="" PRODUCT_VERSION="1, 0, 0, 1" FILE_DESCRIPTION="WIN_Frog2_App MFC Application" COMPANY_NAME="" PRODUCT_NAME="WIN_Frog2_App Application" FILE_VERSION="1, 0, 0, 1" ORIGINAL_FILENAME="WIN_Frog2_App.EXE" INTERNAL_NAME="WIN_Frog2_App" LEGAL_COPYRI
  3. Pipo


    There was nothing programmed for that fixture in advance, it was only used to put the sponsor-logo on a wall.
  4. Pipo


    Did a show in Brussels this weekend.12 Movitec WL 250, 18 Movitec SL250 and one MAC 550. I programmed the whole thing at home so when I arrived it was just plug and play. There was only 1 small adjustment: change 1 MAC 550 from BASIC to EXTENDED mode. result: the whole showfile was f*cked up. Positions were lost colors were gone, memories didn't work anymore,.... K-Nine, I will send you the show file and the wyg-file so you can try it out.
  5. Pipo

    some remarks

    No, the fact is when I have a generic dimmer and I put it to 100% and then record it to a submaster it's all ok BUT if I press home then it will also be @ 100% and then when I record it to a submaster you can see on your submaster-screen that a position parameter is recorded. God knows where it comes from.
  6. Pipo

    some remarks

    Hi K-Nine The fixture i'm talking about is just a generic conventional dimmer.
  7. When I home and program a dimmer-channel into a submaster then position is also recorded. Would it be possible to use F4 to acces the fan-functions? Pressing the attribute button takes too long. I love the update but it makes the desk more complex and would love it even more if it wouldn't auto-record htp-values: example: during a change-over the sound-techs need light to work on stage but if you want to add some cues during this change-over this light will also be recorded into the cues.
  8. This can be done! Just patch all the parameters as a dimmer-channel. Have fun
  9. With programming down to parameter level does the desk still record the brightness output or only the tagged parameters?
  10. If the positions are programmed on the sx you can set the ltp-fade, if you are using the sx-buttons as pallets you can't set any times. BUT you can always use the P/T speed-parameter(not every fixture has this ) when programming your pallets. Are pallet-timings going to be in one of the updates?
  11. Hi Ice You will have to wait until PLASA to connect the frog2 to Wysiwyg via Artnet. Artistic Lic. is still working on the driver and should be ready by that time.
  12. Pipo

    wysiwyg connection

    Hi K-nine Have heard from Artistic Licence that they are developing a software-driver that would connect Artnet to Wysiwyg. So you will be able to connect the desk directly without interfaces. Cheers Wouter
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