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  1. Can the blackout button not be programmed to shut all the fixture shutters/Irises as well as turning off standard channel out? Is there nto an easier way to strike / destrike the lamps of the fixtures (I admit I cant think of an easy way without adding an extra button, but still)
  2. Im somewhat mystified as to the function of the vari chase option on my Bullfrog (ive had it 3 days), i would have assumed it would let you change the speed of the chase live using the speed dial and not in edit mode, but it doesnt seem so.
  3. tim

    Channel LEDs

    Its a small point and may be just due my using a Strand MX for the last 5 years (We finally, just, got a BullFrog), but would it be possible for the LEDs on the channel flash buttons to light when either the flash button or the fader is in use. As far as ive been able to tell these LEDs are only used when configuring the manual patching.
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