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  1. Hi Folks, Just tried to log on to lightnetwork again for the second time today, and it seems to have gone.... Anyone any idea :?: Cheers Al
  2. Will do, although it's not a problem I've noticed on other desks.
  3. Hi folks, how about a pc based off line editor for Wysiwyg... :twisted:
  4. Yeah, but shoudn't it be gold plated or something?
  5. Hi Daniel, I get around the cracker thing by just repatching the machine and channel after I finished programming... Cheers al
  6. Is this a general dmx thing, a mac thing, or a frog thing? Cheer al :twisted:
  7. As a suggestion regarding the riggers remote, how about a box that plugs into the stage end of the dmx line, so you don't need to run out another cable, and gives you up/down buttons for your preset focus palletes, and encoders to control pan and tilt, so you can easily tweak critical positions on stage. Actually, thinking about that it would probably contravene DMX standards, and you don't want to go down the Pulsar route with that... So, as the frog is mostly used in small venues how about an IR or RF system, so no cables at all!
  8. Hi all, Something I noticed the other day when I was programming a slow movement chase with mac 500s. The Macs assigned to fixtures 1 to 4 were running the same movement shape, circle, but fixture one was moving very jerkily. I swapped it out for a spare but that also showed the same behavior, and eventually got round it by giving it the same address as the next one up (17), and reversing pan and tilt, which worked fine...any ideas?
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