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  1. I am having the same problems with my leapfrog ( older model). What was the solution in this case, i would like to try it and see in it helps me out. Grts guido
  2. hi, I'am having the same problems. I further can tell you that an fixture load stil works but formating, load or save a show will cause a error. Can you please help me solving this problem.
  3. Paul, That wasn't smart of me thx for the support it works fine know grtzzz Guido
  4. hI I even have the problem when trying the create a palete . I'd store a effect on page 1 sub 9 show01.isf
  5. Hi, I have my fatfrog now for 4 years and always worked with my effect (triangle, square .... ) Yesterday I did een reset of my frog and know when I program a movement it don't start. i know I have to set a speed and set a value on de Y and X parameters Is there another setting that I miss Regards Guido
  6. Its just an idee from a new user. you can only select the GO button and 'goto memo..' in the remoteswitch setup page. As a musician (drums) a usualy use my foot to tap the beat. If in the remote setup page 'STEP' would become available I can set the speed of my chases with a footswitch. Just a idee. :?:
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