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  1. rkthomson

    USB Memory Stick Problems

    I formatted my stick for MS-DOS (FAT16) and the Jester system upgrade went fine. Thanks for your help.
  2. rkthomson

    USB Memory Stick Problems

    I wish to upgrade my Jester to the new 2.0 Operating System. I use a Macintosh Computer. Should the USB memory stick be formatted as a PC format or a MAC format or doesn't it matter? :roll:
  3. rkthomson

    Jester Monitor Problem

    Tried another Monitor and problem is solved. My Phillips monitor may be looking for a new home now! Thanks for your suggestion.
  4. rkthomson

    Jester Monitor Problem

    Monitor is Phillips 150S3 Model. This has worked well with my Fat Frog for two years without any similar problems.
  5. rkthomson

    Jester Monitor Problem

    I bought my new Jester 24/48 and was delighted with it for 6 days till I connected a VGA monitor to it. The screen strobed on and off (for about 1 second at a time) after about 30 minutes of usage. It was returned to the supplier and was replaced immediately with another one today (with the next consecutive serial number from the one I returned). It has the same fault as the VGA monitor signal is already flashing on and off. I tested my monitor with a Fat Frog and it remained stable as it always has done after many hours of use. Any suggestions or should I pay for it to be returned to my supplier for a third replacement and hope this one works?

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