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  1. Problem solved. The problem was the unupdated firmware drivers. Thanks for help.
  2. I have a small problem with frog2 and motu ultralite. Frog doesn't detect the timecode I'm sending with my ultralite smpte generator. Framerates are same in both machines. Ultralite does detect the timecode if I send it from output to input. My software version in frog is 4. Thanks for help.
  3. Lagstorm

    Active + Enter

    Hahaa I finally got it. I have to press clear once after the active + enter and tag the attribute. After that I have the dimmers in the program window how they should be. I still think that is a little bug or feature. :evil:
  4. Lagstorm

    Active + Enter

    Could someone confirm this behaviour or am I missing again something important there?
  5. Lagstorm

    Active + Enter

    I have a little problem with the Active + enter combination. For example if i push up the first five udfs about 50% and press active + enter they go to full in the program window. I have intensity recorded to the faders. If i press active + the button below the fader it work's fine and goes only to 50%. The other problem is that always I press active + enter every fixture that has been actived before comes to program window with intensity 0 and tagged even if their faders are in 0. The first problem occurs also in phantom frog but the other doesn't. 8O
  6. Do you have any clue, what could be the problem?
  7. I tried to install an old operating system called Frog2_os0_0_0_sw3_0_0.zip to have a fresh startup. It installed with no problems. After that i tried to install the new operating system, but it still jams to the formatting disk screen. I have used the Deep Burner to make that ISO-file. What is wrong with my desk?
  8. Does the new promotion touch the frog 2 desks bought before December? We bought the desk last summer so can we expect free LightConverse software and Cable Test DMX tester? "For each Frog 2 lighting console ordered by 28th February 2007 Zero 88 will ship a copy of the Zero 88 Edition Light Converse visualisation software and the new Cable Test DMX tester completely free of charge."
  9. Still have the problem. How long should the formatting take? In the first time when the errors (which doesn't appear anymore) came I continued the install and installed the new lcd and co-processor firmware. :oops: I think that could be the problem. It is trying to format something it is not ordered to or something like that. Just wild quess.
  10. I burnt the ISO with Deepburner. Now the problem is that desk tilts in format window. It's been jammed now for 24 hours so I think it won't go further. What should I do?
  11. Lagstorm

    Strobe and Frog2

    If you do that it will flash only every second time.
  12. Lagstorm

    Strobe and Frog2

    So it's not possible to make the chase drive to bass which would make your job easier? Thanks for advice anyway.
  13. Lagstorm

    Strobe and Frog2

    I have Martin atomic 3000 strobe and frog 2 desk. How can I make the strobe flash in the beat of the music. If i could record a single flash as a cue it should be possible, but i don't know who to do just the single flash. Or if it even possible?
  14. I have some troubles when I'm trying to update my desk software to the 4.0 version. I have burned the ISO to the cd. When I boot the desk, the menu with "Install desk OS and Install CO-processor firmware will show up normally. I click the install desk os and it starts to install them. After message "copying OS files begin the errors. ERROR: Unable to create Showfile1 ERROR: Unable to create Showfile2 and so on... The last error is Unable to create orig DeksRes1 After that it tells that the install is finished and you must reboot the disk. I can update co-processor and lcd firmware. I just don't have the updated features. The version of the desk software stays in 3.0.8 What should I do?
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