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  1. Zero88 LeapFrog, on tour with professional Dutch coverband Hooked On Red (www.hookedonred.nl). Our homebase is Groningen. FWF (friends with frogs) ;-) - Simplon, Popmusic-stage in Groningen > FatFrog - Rentamp, rentalcompany in Groningen > FatFrog - SPA, rentalcompany in Emmen > FatFrog
  2. First of all I'm new on this forum, but have been 'lurking' for a while. I must say the information here already proved to be very useful. We recently purchased a LeapFrog for our Dutch coverband. I'm not the lampie but 'just' the bassplayer. Nevertheless I like to be involved in all of the technical stuff and I already spent a lot of time with our new console, together with our light-technician. We run 10 Robe moving heads and 4 scanners of the same brand along with some conventional stuff (blinders, aircrafts, fourbars, etc.). Minding the fact that we ran the show on a Celco Navigator console for years you could say that we made a giant leap for mankind ;-) After a few weeks of shows we can say that the desk is great. Everything we want is possible and with te intensive use of palettes and fixture-tagging, our Lampie saves a lot of time on programming time before a concert! Just what we were looking for. From the beginning we sadly ran into some problems concerning the floppy disk. In this post somebody mentioned a similar problem, but I decided to post a new topic. The other topic is a year old, so maybe we're missing something: When we want to save or load a show, the desk suddenly reboots. This also happens when we want to load fixtures ('official' or homemade). You could say that all actions involving the diskdrive cause this reboot. Not all the time, but at least nine out of ten times it's not possible to complete an action. Before our very first show we did some pre-programming at home on the PhantomFrog (assigning fixtures, DMX-patching, naming palettes, etc.) but we never were able to load this show in the desk. The floppy was formatted in the desk since we already heard that PC-formatted disks could cause trouble. This didn't change the problems. We still can't save or load shows the way it's obviously supposed to be. Simple question: Is this a familiar problem (with a known solution) or is it possible that our desk encounters some kind of unique bug and needs to be returned for service? Edit: Added the word "Dutch" to cover myself for weird English phrasing ;-)
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