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  1. Hello, I'm looking for some advice. As I know that the Fat Frog does not have a move in dark function, I'm looking for ways to work around that. I'm using 2 x Mac 250 E with a limited rig of lights, and would like to run the Macs as specials, laying effects over scenes. Here's what I'm planning to do: 1. Build a memory of my Macs. 2. Transfer without time to a submaster 3. Copy this to another submaster, the next in line (ie, copy 1 to 2) 4. Edit sub 1 to turn the brightness to 0 %. 5. Run sub 1, then add sub 2 when the look is needed. Will this hold water? Although I know that editing a submaster copied from a memory results in the modification of that memory, does the same hold true when editing a submaster copied from another sub? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Thanks for the advice, there's some great stuff there. Here's another question I'll throw at you, since I'm going to have a limited time to program tommorrow, and perhaps you could guide me to a shortcut. 1. Since I've programmed my subs with chases built from memories using my Mac 250 Entours, can I edit them so the brightness is at 0, and build a submaster in each page (say, sub 12) which only has the brightness but contains no other data to the movers? I'm thinking this way, I can run the chase, and add the brightness with the chase in play at the right moment. 2. When programming memories using conventionals, I'm used to proramming on ETC or Strand consoles. These consoles allow me to input a channel directly to control it's value (ie, ch 1 at 0) so I can black out a light in the next cue. In the Fat Frog, if the next memory in the stack does not have a value on a channel, does it assume the channel is going to 0% (as it would in a ETC console), or do I need to do something to the channel so the board knows I now want this light to go out? Or am I just overthinking this? I'd hate to program my show's memories and then find out I can't turn off lights from the previous cue! 3. If there a programmable blackout (such as Strand's cue 0) that will blackout all conventional lights automatically (without using the balckout button, so I can use fade times)? It'd be great to be able to blackout from the 'go' button. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Hey there, I'm using a FatFrog for a small show with a couple of Mac 250 Entours. I'll be running the show live using submasters with chases built from memories, and the A & B presets for looks with conventionals. I have a couple of questions: 1. In the show, I'd like to have the chases in motion before I bring them to full brightness. Is there any way - other than using the fixture wheel - to control the brightness dimmer? I can't seem to add it to subs, memories, pallettes, or A & B preset faders. Otherwise, it's gonna look really sloppy to have the lights transiting lit. 2. On other consoles I've used, they have a Clear (ETC) button that wipes the current cue - ie, it goes to black. I was trying to execute chase memories, but I had no idea how to make the chase stop and not be running anymore; the X playback fader made the chase go away, but it was still there if I brought it back up. What's the protocol on clearing cues (memories)? 3. Can autofollows be created in memories, so I could have a chase running without brightness, and the next cue fades it in on a time? Thanks for your advice.
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