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  1. :oops: After many years of planning and talking our company has hired a firm to come in and replace some of our 70's parcans and fixtures. They have put some great new lights up on the rig and it is quite impressive but on the desk, it's now all over the place. I have had to learn the Fat Frog from the manual and over the last couple of months it's been my bible. What I need to know is... Is there a way I can just change the what light goes with what channel. This would be the best way for me or is it easier for me to get up on a tower and switch the wiring? I've looked for setting up channels and not found alot that can help me so nice plain english and a cricket bat might help me understand In my attempts to try and figure out how to change channels I have learnt how to program subs too 8) just couldn't add a step. It was a two step sequence and when I pressed insert I got a 3*. Couldn't go any further. Any ideas for my issues? Thanks All
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