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  1. Thank you Paul for reply. Is there any need of being able to controll the Spice rack from FOH or is it enough to connect a PC at the original setup and to then configure the dimmers? I am building a portable festival rigg that will be packed into two 20 fooot containers and then transported to remote areas in the world. We will mostly have the same configuration but at times there might be a need to reconfigure. I will be running WiFi from the stage to FOH with a Cat5 cable for a redundant network. IS there any way to interconnect the two systems. The whole network will be switched. Thanks again for your help! Peter
  2. Hello I am looking at buying a couple Spice 1210 and want to add them to my switched ethernet network that I have set up between stage and FOH. Is it possible to run ChilliNet together with eg CobraNet over a Gigabit T-Base hardwired or 300 Mbps WiFi network? I can not seem to find any information on this issue anywhere on your website! Thankful for any help I can get. Peter Almqvist
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