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  2. I think understand you PFS... if you want DESELECT fixtures, hold down the first fixture button then press the last fixture button (red led disappears) if you don't want INCLUDE the LTP parameters for record memories or submasters in partial mode, hold down the first fixture button then press the last fixture button for two seconds approximately... (intermittent yellow led disappear)
  3. litux


    you can use an external keyboard... type the number of the memory then ENTER(keyboard) and then GO(desk)
  4. Look into Trackspot manual in order to know the current DMX address for this fixture... http://www.highend.com :? later you must repatch the fixture on the desk
  5. Yes I understand, but the palettes for the other 10 fixtures must have been intact .... and all the LTP data disappeared from palettes and memories when I added the two new fixtures for example: I had CYAN ( 255 dmx value ) in color palette 1 for fixtures 2-4 after including the fixtures 1 and 6 the color palette 1 for fixtures 2-4 became in WHITE ( no dmx value) the same it happened with POSITION palettes and BEAMSHAPE palettes of course, but the data contained in the palettes for previously assigned fixtures wouldn't have disappeared. I don't know if this is a BUG or no but if I have to reprogram ALL the palettes only to add a pair of fixtures Then this is a big problem. my English is pathetic, but I believe that You understand me
  6. Yesterday, I had the following problem with one fat frog: I was controlling 4 martin mac 300 (fixture 2-5) and 6 martin mac 500 (fixture 7-12). After to have recorded several memories, palettes and chasers, I added 2 Martin mac 300 in fixtures 1 and 6... (these fisture were placed in the ground, I thought the memories and palettes previously done would serve to me perfectly) BUT NO 8O All the memories and palettes were truncated and I had to return to create them. I use software version 8.1
  7. another idea: with the F3 button (i think this button hasn't any function) or any other button (clear button??) the parameters gain "--" value (I don't know what is the method for selected the parameters... any suggest?...) With this we not send 0 dmx values If we can clear the "--" value (moving a wheel for example) the next value will be the dmx value actually output desk for example: i run a memory with shutter FF dimmer FF pan 50 tilt 50 colour 30 gobo 20 gobo rot 10 i run another memory with shutter -- dimmer -- pan -- tilt -- colour -- gobo -- gobo rot 20 If I decided vary a gobo wheel the next value for up moving will be 21 shutter -- dimmer -- pan -- tilt -- colour -- gobo 21 gobo rot 20 Sorry for my english but i think you understand me, thanks
  8. Partial Recording by channel Proposed method: With the scroller you can move parameter level down to "0" dmx value and put it to "--" this parameters not included into memories or palettes and no changed when you call this memory I don't know if this method is possible but ...
  9. first, sorry for my spain-english... Record by channel. When i call a memory with only beamshape atribute saved, all the beamshape channels change... for example: I have one mac 500 with one rotation gobo rotating at 20%... if i only want adding a strobe effect with this gobo at same rotation ... i cannot call a pallete (or memory) with only strobe effect because the gobo and rotation (focus, iris, etc..) disapear... i think the unique way is record by channel Shape generator Are there any method for record (to memory or pallete) only the shape without position for call this at any position. ? In avolites consoles you can save only a shape on a memory fader and call this when you want... Chase step on a submaster when i push the step button (for one manually change chase in the submaster section) all the chase i have in the submaster section change at same time... can you make flash button make the same to step button ??? sorry one more time for my patetical english...
  10. litux


    can i limit max % output value into dmx patch for conventional channels ? thanks
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