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  1. Hi zero88-crew, for a better overview over the submasters, I think it would be great if you have an empty line between the submasters of one "block", as the subs are alwas 4 together organized, e.g.: Submasters 1 Memory 111, Fade Time 111,... 2 Memory 222, Fade Time 222,... 3 Memory 333, Fade Time 333,... 4 Memory 444, Fade Time 444,... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... 11... 12... This makes the finding of a physikal submaster with the screen info much easier, as well as the finding of the content of a submaster, when you know the physical fader because the submaster screen looks like the physical submaster blocks. And I think it would only be one empty line more in programming the submaster screen window . Greets Chris
  2. Hi folks, again I had to do with the palettes of my FatFrog desk this weekend. As I love to work with the palette function, I thought it would be very good to play back a palette with a certain fade time (...especially the position palettes). So here my proposal: As it is the main element for manually selecting a fade time between presets A and B, wouldn't it be possible to take the actual time value of this fade time selector as fadeover time for the following palette that is played back? I think the most important palettes are the position palettes. For beamshape and colour, it does not make so much sense, I think. Greets Chris
  3. Hi Dones, most of your probs sound not too difficult: 1. Name a sub: - press F2 - press the "submaster"-button (under the "memory"-button) - press the submaster-flash-button of the wanted sub - enter the name 2. Group fixtures: - select fixtures with fixt. select buttons - press and hold "Group"-button (or F4 on the FatFrog) - channel flash buttons switch over to fixture group buttons - press a channel flash button - fixt. group will be programmed on this button 3. Name groups: - press F2 - press "Group"-button (or F4 on the FatFrog) - select the group with the channel flash button - enter the name 4. Subs with conventional and moving light infos: - desk has to be in partial programming mode - when you program a conventional memory/sub: deselect all fixtures and save conventionals (no "C", "B" or "P" should be seen on the monitor, otherwise, a colour, beamshape or position is programmed in the memory/sub) - when you program movinglights: all conventionals down to zero, just select the ml's, adjust the attributes, hold the attribute-buttons you want to save and press enter --> only the wanted fixt. attributes are saved 5. Turning off and on varilites: - I don't know, soooorry :roll: I hope this helps for the first time. If not, the manual is very good and detailed. Greets from the wild south of Germany, Chris
  4. Hi community, I hope I did not forget to read anything in the manual, but during programming palettes for our last job on our Fat Frog, I realized that it was not possible to save a complete moving effect as position palette. The desk only saves the position of the centre or the start position for the selected moving effect. This would be a great thing, I think, if we could save moving effects (circles, fig8's,...) also as palette and not only as memory. Greets Chris
  5. Hi frogsupport team, while programming a new fixture type, I saw the option to give every block of dmx values names, e.g.: 001-015 yellow, 016-030 green,.... Why did I hack in the blocks of dmx values together with their colour and gobo titles into the list, and then on the frog desk, nothing could be seen of this work :wink: ? I think it would be quite useful to see the definite colour or gobo titles (certainly as far as they are programmed with the fixture editor) e.g. in the fixture display of the desk? Greets Chris P.S.: I also want to support the suggestion of live editing chasers on subs or x-master, and of tapping in the right chase speed by a kind of beat button, as already mentioned.
  6. Hi folks, I read the post of Janvh00 with big interests, as a similar problem occured last time while programming a scan chase. Aim was to create a "simple" line from left to right side of the stage. First I programmed a chase, took the end points of the line, saved them as steps, put the position property to "fade" and adjusted the speed in automatic mode. The speed wasn`t too high (the scans normaly can go much faster) but the scans did not make the whole way from left to right. Programming the whole thing with the "ellipse" effect with size y=0 made the whole thing work with a quite high speed. And the scans went all their way. At the moment I'm trying if I forgot something to program or to adjust. If I have any news, answers, solutions,..., I'll post again. Good night :mrgreen: and greets to the whole frog community, Chris
  7. Hi folks, while programming a little bit on my FatFrog yesterday, I saw the new option "timecode" and "real time" for triggering memories. Therefore I asked myself the following questions: - What is meant by the option "real time"? and - How do I get timecode signal onto the desk (...or is this only an option for the frogbox?!) ? Would be nice, if someone could help me. It's not that important at the moment, but timecode on the frog sounds quite interesting ;-). Greetings to the whole frog user family and a happy new year 2003, Chris
  8. +++ SOS +++ SOS +++ SOS +++ SOS +++ Good morning forums, yesterday I realized that my FatFrog must be a little sick - during a theatre job *ouch*. Now I think I need "professional help" for the desk: I have the FatFrog console with the new 7.5 software installed. When I load a show (created already on new desk software) from a 3,5" disk, the movinglight section does no longer work. It is possible to select fixtures, but the fixture display stays dark/empty, and it is not possible to edit values (position, beamshape, etc.). With show 1 on the disk, the problem only comes up, when I load the show and switch off and on again the desk, with the following two shows, the problem occurs as soon as the show is loaded from the disk. Switching off and on the desk changes nothing. Only when I make a "reset to default" before loading show 1, it works. But after switching off and on the desk, the same problem comes up. With show 2 and 3, even the "reset to default" changes anything: As soon as the shows are loaded after the reset, the movinglight section seems to be "dead". New software installation didn't make things better. Could this be a bug, or does my desk seem to be seriously sick? :cry: PLEASE HELP Chris
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