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    dmx controller/dimmer pack
  1. Good Morning Sir. Now What am i Asking is what about the leaf frog is their Any possible way that how the unit can play just putting DMX to 001 its means that you can use the unit even without the dmx program just how this thing gonna work thru dmx dmx or we can also use the dimmer pack only or we can use also the moving head?? jez
  2. zhack

    Frog Lighting Controller

    Good Day Sir. Regarding for what you are saying about the program i already try it even with out assigning, you can just play the unit thru the Dmx Channel 0f the moving head.. But what i am thinking why he did not move coz even other frog series just to look for the model or Generic type moving head it will play but this it's not what i am saying is only for moving head.. thank you! jez
  3. Good day I have a Big Problem with the Frog Series Which has we already try to operate her in my country but the but the problem is that when i try to operate a unit with the moving head it doesn't work even if i try to to put also by manual mode still not working :cry: i dont know what is wrong with it i already try to check the Connecting Cable still not worth it. What do you think the problem with this unit.hope yoou can help me.. thanks man.. jez
  4. zhack

    jezter 12/24

    Hallo Sir. My Question Is I recommend the Jester 12/24 Contrller for a few light that he was using i was already know that he new how this things gonna work together but after a month he call me and saying that he got a problem with the splitting the signal thru the dimmer pack he was using i dont know what it is and how manny output for only how many channel for Dimmer Pack that he by out side. i was trying to help her but even i try he cannot say what is it relly the dimmer pack can do.. pls, Help me for some Instances Thank you... Zhack 8)
  5. zhack

    jezter 12/24

    hallo Their Sir. My Question is I have a Client With the Problem With the Dimmer Pack output But he was using a Jester Dmx Controller. and suddenly when he use the jester 12/24 he already for got that the Dimmer Pack that he Using is Only one Output that give him a big Problem. and he asking me that what is the best way he will be taken to or buy that he can used the dimmer pack for splitting the output of the Dimmer pack is their any Solution but what i can say to him is to buy a Splitter for the output but what is the name and the best name that i can tell him i think he already call your attentiuon their. and suddenly someone telling tells that Buy a Dmax24 What it is??? Can you pls help us.. Thank you!!!
  6. zhack

    Training video or course on internet?

    Hello Sir. Peter Thank you for your Explaination atleast now i know that this Unit dont really work for the moving head. so we have to look for the other model of zero 88 that can control the moving head. thank you very much again.. zhack
  7. zhack

    Training video or course on internet?

    Hello Sir, Peter We already try what you are saying but the thing is our Unit is Only FROG model which does'n have a assign fixture only Desk Default,Patch Function, and Remote Switch,Frog Screen,Timecode Set-up & Exit Desk Set-up. so haw can we do this coz every time we try to put the fluppy desk or reset it does'n work. hope you can give me some idea. coz we really want to work it out!! waiting for your fast responsed thank you!! jez
  8. zhack

    Training video or course on internet?

    Sir, Graham Good Morning! i Already Download the fixture Library in our FROG unit but still saying no show to download. how can i be used this thing with your fixture profile library. If this thing always saying no show to be download. or how can i download the model of the brand if this unit always aying like that Pls. Help me to do this. thank you!! i really cant understand you manual!! jez :wink:
  9. zhack

    Training video or course on internet?

    Hello sir . thank you for your response. can i ask you a question again coz we have some problem now with the model FROG we cannot find a fixture profile in your site that we can download and loaded to the unit. can you just give some idea when can we find it!! and regard to what you are saying i have to talk to my boss first about your arragenement about the training just give 1 week coz he went to london for some important conference meeting. thank you! zhack
  10. zhack

    Training video or course on internet?

    Good Morning Sir.Matt For me It's better if you can just do some DVD disk Training Guide of how your unit will run. coz Actually one of our problem is your manual speacially for frog unit. the manual that you made is for all series of frog. is thier any option of doing a manual just for one unit only coz it's easy for the reader to notify step by step. thank you!! zhack :wink:
  11. zhack

    Training video or course on internet?

    hi Im also new her for me having a trainning thru internet will be better for some user like us that need some info about how to work really good the frog unit that we are using right now. just tell us when will be start and i will be online just to learn. thank you! zhack :wink:

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