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  1. Meady

    Next release

    Hi all, Is there another release of the Frog operating system in the pipeline or is 10.4 the final release? I was looking at the dates of some of the suggestions on this site that are not in 10.4. Just asking! :wink: LaterZ,Meady
  2. Hi all, I too have a wheel screen that is starting to become unreadable... the lcd it's self is fine, it is the plastic protective layer making a 'frosted' effect over the screen. Can someone PM me how i can clean this up... or can this be replaced/repaired by a service at Zero88. Keep up the great work! (PS. out with our frog on its first festival, having a great time! 8) )
  3. Hi all, Just wondering how it is looking on the front for the FR 5354 (Fade Times for Palettes)? It would be a great and useful feature to have! :wink: Cheers guys! Regards, Meady
  4. Hi all, Hope everyones OK! Question? I can't at the moment afford a new Fat Frog, let alone the Frog2 (maybe in a few years!)... so when buying a used or second hand frog, can anyone give some pointers or advise of the sort of things to look out for? i.e.. Age? faders? LCDs... Many thanks for your help, and look forward to owning a Fat frog soon! Cheers, Meady
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