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  1. Al

    Installing Phantom Frog

    i've fixed it by reinstalling Phantom Frog and then i had to disable visual themes in the compatibility settings of the exe. i'm running XP Pro service pack 2. so i think it could be graphics card problem?
  2. Al

    Installing Phantom Frog

    but there isn't any drop down boxes or anything else i can do with the program so what can i do
  3. Al

    Installing Phantom Frog

    i see a grey box that has 2 words in it (interfaces, options) and nothing more when i start up Phantom Frog. i have no idea what the problem is so i was wondering if anybody knew how to fix this problem. specs: Acer Aspire 3500 512MB Ram intel pent. M proccessor 715 1.5 ghz thanks

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