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  1. If the chilli's are terminated would this explain the problem with not being able to control the DMX device?
  2. The device shows a signal light, so i assume that it getting a signal. I am at work at the moment so i cannot switch the outputs from the splitter. Is there a way that i can continue the DMX chain by simply coming off the last Chilli pro, thus removing the splitter?
  3. I have been scratching my head now for a couple of days and cannot figure out whats wrong. I have a Bullfrog connected to a pulsar 8 channel DMX splitter, channel 1 on the splitter goes to a Chilli Pro, then chained to a 2nd Chilli Pro then on to a 3rd Chilli Pro. all the channels on the dimmers work fine. When i try to add any type of DMX device from the splitter port 2 i cannot find or control it even though i have set the address. I set the address to 72 and use the bullfrog on wide mode, then try to control the DMX device using the sliders, but it doesn't work. What am i doing wrong ??
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