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  1. dominicgross

    Naming Memories & Submasters

    hey, is it possible to input a name/text for a scene or sub on the frog - the option is on screen- but i can't get anything in there!! this might be a bug or just not exist... on the monitor output there is a column for name or text... i can''t seem to find a way to input anything into it.... help me out.... cheers, Dom
  2. dominicgross

    More Remote Switch Options

    Is it possible to make/use a remote step button to step though a chase? If so what is the pin config and what port do i use?
  3. dominicgross


    While glancing upon the newly updated 88 website, i noticed something that falls just short of a monstrosity. Under the new accessories menu, i descoverd that you are trying to sell a 5m DMX cable for £46!!!!! Even worse, you are also offering a DMX terminator for a monstorus £25! Surley you are not passing off a 5pin XLR plug with a resistor as a specially made DMX terminator costing £25? I find this amazing, i await your explanation!
  4. dominicgross

    keyboard text input

    i have noticed that while inputing name text for sub/memories, i can't back space. i have to go though a long process to delete 1 letter, anything you boys can do?
  5. dominicgross

    frog fade times

    Hey guys, I am very very confused abut something - This week i'm running a show on a frog, (hmm.... green) This is a pretty dumb question but, can someone please explain how the up and down times work. EG I have 10 cues, each one going from a general wash to a special (and vice versa) Say i wanted a 10 second dippless cut or build Or a 2 second dippless cross fade? Please help
  6. dominicgross

    Crash / Blue Screen

    Hey People. Last night i was running a music gig on our frog. I had programmed in a couple of chases and moved them over to subs. About half way in to the gig i pressed edit (as i had been doing for the whole show) and the monitor blue screened and the LCD displayed 'SAVING SHOW 24%' and froze. I reset the frog but the same thing kept happening. I'm running software version 8.1. HELP!!!
  7. dominicgross

    upgrading software

    hey guys, how do i go about upgrading the software on the frog? i have downloaded the file from zero88which contains 3 files and a readme. What do i need to put on the disk? how do i install it on the frog?? thanks, Dom
  8. dominicgross

    Next release

    Do you guys know when we will be getting the new software upgrade and what new features we should expect??? I keenly await your reply as ever....
  9. dominicgross

    lighting melodrama?

    i'm meant to be lighting a victorian melodrama called 'Maria Marten' some time next month... i've never done this type of show before, any tips? cheers.
  10. dominicgross

    outdoor gig

    hey people, wondring if i can pick your brains again. I'm running an outdoor concert/gig at the end of june. it about 10 different acts including a couple of big band joules holand numbers. At the moment i know i have 48 channels of good ol'betapack and a frog. Any sudgestions on what i should spend our £1000 on? cheers.
  11. dominicgross


    getting a couple of mac 500 for next week, been playing with our rented fatty, This may be a no brainer to you binary flicking, cable crimping types, but: How do i set up a constant gobo rotation? - You know break up gobo rotates and looks really kool? I am having no luck. PLEASE HELP. Cheers
  12. dominicgross

    movers with a frog

    Hey people, Were doing a concert in a couple of weeks and we have got hold of 6 Mac 500's. Is it possible to control the movers with the normal frog. I would want to program 10/15 chases involving colour change and movement, also a couple of gobo things. I haven't attempted this before, is it possible? Cheers
  13. dominicgross

    Live Chase Speed Adjustment

    Ok, debate is he wronge word to use... changing the subject: how can i get hold of a new dust cover for our frog? Your faithfull 'GO' button pusher,
  14. dominicgross


    this is really gonna sound like a no-brainer. Does the 8.1 update (which i installed months ago) also include all the updates made on 7.5 and previous versions. As I said, stupid question: but please do let me know!
  15. dominicgross


    ahh... this does make a bit of sense: rich oversees customers. Now i have your attention, a number of months ago you guys said something about some remote controls for the frog that were 'lying in the warehouse' are these in excistance, if so, how can i get my hands on one? cheers
  16. dominicgross

    casual labour / work experience

    Hey, I am always availible for casual or cheep labour or work experince at weekends or during holidays. I am a student and have a broad range of experience in most Zero88 desks and dimmers, especially the frog. I am very experienced in rigging, electrical work and basic design. I have exellent refrences and have completed work experince and jobs with the National Youth Theatre and the BBC. I am not seeking a job for money, I am only after the 'learning experience'. If anyone has anything going PLEASE let me know.
  17. dominicgross

    Live Chase Speed Adjustment

    Saddly this is one of our many long term debates with the boys at zero. There is currently no way to adjust the chase speed (like on live mode on previous desks) It is hopefully going to be added on the next software update. (whenever you want to let us have it.... 8) )
  18. dominicgross

    Screen saver

    yeh, excellent idea, i need something to entertain me during shows, cheers
  19. dominicgross


    Hey, Just wondring if any of you have ever been to or done a show in any of the Pleasance venues in Edinburgh? I am doing a show there during the festival, just trying to get some info. cheers
  20. dominicgross


    Were using the attic space as far as i know :roll: did the domes have any fixed rig, or was it all mobile?
  21. dominicgross

    Riggers Remote

    2 things, Firstly - this won't be possible on the sold models, BUT wouldn't a power switch be a good idea?? It would do a great dead to the NHS by cutting down the number of back injuries caused by bending down to the plug. On a serious note... how about a remote control for the whole range allowing remote rigging (flicks through the DMX channels) this would be good cabled, but excellent wireless. Oh yeah... cheap would be good!!
  22. dominicgross

    DMX control of a Jem ZR-12-DMX

    i have just got a Jem ZR-12-DMX it is possible to control this by DMX aparently, how do i do this? it is controlled by 1 channel so i should be able to control it with a sub?? how do i assign it up and everything?? cheers
  23. dominicgross

    scroller control

    hi, we are considering buying 5 or so colour scrollers to fit FOH on source 4's, We have a Zero88 frog - i know we can't control them on this desk, but we may be wanting to get a fat frog instead. How easy is it to program and control the scrollers from this desk (bearing in mind these are for a school, and so will be used by students) can the colours be programmed in so we can use them as a preset?
  24. dominicgross

    audio input

    your proberly getting fed up of me by now.... BUT on the frog there is an audio input plug. What can i do with the audio input - can i run chases in time with the music? thanks - Dom Gross
  25. dominicgross

    blagging tips

    i'm gonna get shot for this - most LD's blag most of the ime anyway - i do. the key is to use big words, and be very assertive. Only joking. for doing the design you need to talk to the director and see what he/she wants to acheive (sadly there is no way to blag the design) sit down draw the plan and rig. Rigging is pretty easy depending on the kit you have. Rig first, then focus, then you may need to refocus, then do the plot. The plot is the most borring part: sit down with the director talk though every lighting cue and what needs to happen. Either program the cues into a full memory with timing or stick it is a submaster. The key is to mark up your script/cue sheets well. If all this fails, the following words work well: Wash, Fill, balenced light, beam angle incidence. - just through them around and ope nobody knows what they mean. enjoy

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