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    I think that if the option was available to have the Floppy Disk drive changed to a Memory Stick Module would be great for us. We all carry around data sticks with at all times. it would be good to know if the memory stick option would mean that you could still store other things on the dongle not just shows from the frog. Another great thing is the durabitlty of a memory stick they are so much stronger than a floppy disk and less likely to currupt, so al in all i think it would be a great option to have and i would say yes if that option was available.
  2. It turns out that the intermittent fault was cased by a crack in the mother board in one of its layers, this was sometimes connecting and other times not. Thanks to the Zero 88 team!!! Our frog is now better than ever!
  3. Thankyou very much, i will look forward to building and trying this device, the practicality is excellence!! Don't worry i myself won't build it, i will pass this info on to our tech department who will work there magic!! Thanks again
  4. Hello, Our Fat Frog desk used to remember everything that was programmed into the desk with out having to save it to floppy, this however seems to have stopped. if at some point during a program session and the power trips or there is a power cut all data that was programmed is lost even though recovery mode is switched on! it has got to the point where everytime i turn on the desk i have to re enter the date and time. I have opend up the desk and checked the internal battery and it seems to be in working order!! Any Ideas would be very helpfull as it has started to bug me!! Thanks
  5. I see that you have worked out how to make a remote for the fat frog, i am curious about the detail of HOW you made it?? Please could you go into a little more detail or PM me so that i may emabark on this endeavour. Cheers
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