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  1. Let's hope this clears things up for Techie_v2 then .
  2. You're right I'm sorry about the 'snap' idea. But it WILL go play the effect then from the positions of the copied cue ?
  3. I didn't have the opportunty to try. The question what happens if between cue 1 and 2 are several more cues is the other question indeed. I think If there is position data stored in cue 1 and you copy it to cue 2 (with other cues in between) it will probably snap the lights to the position of cue 1 and play the effect from there.
  4. Ed75

    Stopping effects

    I think this is the way indeed. You could make this cue an autofollow of course.
  5. Just double-tap a group so it comes on, and record it on the fader you wish?? Or am I thinking too simple ?
  6. Thank you. I had been reading all the information from your link already. Before posting this topic on here. Thanks!! I will consider all this.
  7. Ok. Thanks as always for your fast reply . Is there anywhere in the online documentation where I can find the limitations ? Couldn't find it
  8. It is. So I am aware of the (workflow) limitations at that point. Thanks for your answer so far. The actual question is, will it be able to run the later (st) versions of ZerOS , and any idea of future support? And is it still able to cope with all new (more complicated) software and fixture patches? Or will it be slow and not really up to the task? (hardware wise)
  9. Hi all. A reasonably priced ORB came up for sale. Complete incl. nice case etc. Does it still make any sense investing in it? Mainly for theatre use, incl. some intelligent fixtures (movers) Will it be supported in ZerOS in the future? Due to Covid reasons I can not invest in anything fancier at the moment . Or just wait for better times and probably buy a full FLX?
  10. I use the following: https://www.beetronics.co.uk/c-touchscreens Very handy and good screens , large angle of view, and work very fine. No drivers required. I use it with a dvi to hdmi cable. no problems. Screens are basically all the same except their diameter, and the material. (plastic or metal) I discovered lately they are also sold without the beetronics brand, on some far-east websites. Exactly the same monitors. saves a few bucks , and may be easier to find for you.
  11. Thank you very much Edward. The same question arises about exclusive playbacks. I’m at this venue right now, and 7 techs playing around on a FLX here. Which causes questions of course. Seems the exclusive playback one is also considered important here .
  12. Any updates on this? I checked in 7.10 and it still behaves this way.....For me it is not a very very big issue, but I know of a venue which considers buying FLX console(s) And I think it will be a problem for them.
  13. regarding @delfine 's question in the FLX S section about adapting intensities in a cuelist , and regarding your last point in the questionnaire about dimmer curves: Wouldn't it be possible to do this proportionally in your patch? I know of a sofware which uses this possibility, Very nice. For example: fixture 1 to dmx 20@80 . this results in a proportional 80%. Let's say this fixure is at 50% in a cue, so the result would be a dmx output of 40% . In this software your patch is spreadsheet like, so you can easily fill in your @xx in a special column . Patch first, then go through your show, and during this you can easily adapt. I used it very much on a tour. You can adapt each fixture's intensity individually for the whole show. Specially if you come across different lights, different dimmers, different distances, it is a very handy way to adapt yor intensities. Even during a show I could go to my patch spreadsheet and make small corrections. For zeros it could be an extra column in the patch list, with empty= 100% or any 0-99 value in it. Would this be possible in the zeros software like it is now? or is this a very different way of programming ?
  14. You can record an effect on a different playback. In your cue you can trigger this playback, and to stop it, you can release it in another cue. To do this: In your cuelist, you see a button right. "ADD" Select this. You will see a button "macros" Select this. You will see 3 "ADD" buttons with "Macros" " Trigger cue stacks" Release cue stacks" Select ADD "Trigger cue stacks" , and you can choose which to Add. This way your effect will start running with this cue. Select the ADD "release cue stack" in a next cue to stop and release you effect. I always do it like this. You can easily edit your effect if you wish , (just edit your effect playback, or record a new effect on it) and you can run the effect as long as you want. (during different cues if you like) Very easy. BING TRANSLATION: Vous pouvez enregistrer un effet sur une autre lecture. Dans votre repère, vous pouvez déclencher cette lecture, et pour l’arrêter, vous pouvez la relâcher dans un autre repère. Pour ce faire : Dans votre liste de repères, vous voyez un bouton à droite. « AJOUTER » Sélectionnez cette option. Vous verrez un bouton « macros » Sélectionnez cette option. Vous verrez 3 boutons « ADD » avec « Macros » « Trigger cue stacks » Release cue stacks » Sélectionnez ADD « Trigger cue stacks » , et vous pouvez choisir lequel ajouter. De cette façon, votre effet commencera à s’exécuter avec ce signal. Sélectionnez l’ADD « release cue stack » dans un repère suivant pour arrêter et libérer votre effet. Je le fais toujours comme ça. Vous pouvez facilement modifier votre effet si vous le souhaitez , (il suffit de modifier votre lecture d’effet, ou d’enregistrer un nouvel effet dessus) et vous pouvez exécuter l’effet aussi longtemps que vous le souhaitez. (lors de différents indices si vous le souhaitez) Très facile.
  15. Legacy products in use: A Contour 12 dimmerpack, and an Alcora. Last I nowadays actually only use as a test-dmx source in my storage . But still in good running order. The Contour serves very well too. Sometimes in harsh conditions outdoors , no problems. And an nice unit, with all the menu-possibilities.
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