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  1. Hi Edward, Thanks for your reply. I'll do another reset this afternoon, including the DMX universes. Think I've done that already, but who knows It's a 1 universe desk, I'll try the 5p DMX too with a converter to our 3p cabling. Cabling should be fine, was working before the update and not after the update, but I'll double check. I did patch the dimmers on universe 1, so that should work just fine. I'll try the mentioned steps and report back. I'll mail the showfile too.
  2. I have a FLX S24 console running on a location that was closed for more than a year due to Covid. Today, we installed some new fixtures and upgraded the console to software 7.9.9 and fixture library 2.1 I reloaded my show, fixed some patching issues (generic dimmers in 7.9.9 seem to be different from generic dimmers in my file) and... no lights. I reinstalled the 7.9.9 software to be sure, didn't do the library 2.1 update, patched some generic dimmers and still nothing. There's also no DMX receive light on my dimmers. I tested with just one fixture attached directly to the console (no
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