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  1. OK thank's. For the moment the desk itself and the internal memory works, so i keep it like this for the festival, and then i'll see.
  2. Hello, I'm testing now with a 2Go USB stick, in FAT32, it still doesn't work... The USB plug seems to be OK because i use it often for a USB ledlight, so at least the USB power supply works... What can i do anymore? By luck the internal memory is ok, and i have changed the battery inside last year.
  3. Hello, I have done a test with 2 news usb sticks (16Gb, i didn't find smaller), it didn't work. But i've found an old 4Gb stick at home, so i'll test on Saturday when i go back to the theater. Do you have any other ideas?
  4. OK, i'll test tomorrow with a new small USB stick.
  5. Hi, I have formatted the USB drive into FAT 32 (new USB drive i brought specially), it didn't work, so i have tested in fat 16, didn't work even. It's a 64Gb USB drive, does it make a difference? I tried the USB hist update too, didn't work! What should i do?
  6. Hi, I have exactly the same problem that Josh, so i have formated my usb stick to try again, it doesn't work. My Jester 24-48 Serial is: 0010900 07080019, running on OS V3.2. The problem is i can't save or load any show from the usb stick. Can you hep me? It's very urgent, because i start a festival next week. Thank's!
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