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  1. boatman

    Chilli 24x10i

    Ah, looks like I didn't try hard enough. I've found it now in the user manual Page 3-4 onwards. Just ignore the previous message. John
  2. boatman

    Chilli 24x10i

    We have a rack of Chilli 2410i's in Brodick Hall and I would like to reprogram the current presets. I've looked through the documentation but can't find what I'm looking for. I assume I'll need a CAN bus interface for the PC and some software, but what and where from? John
  3. A fault developed last week in one of our Betapack 1's. Channels 5 & 6 both flickered briefly and then came on full. Removing the control signal has no effect. What could be the problem and is it easy to fix? I suspect either the thyristors or more likely an internal fuse. However, I have no service manual and am reluctant to go poking about inside. I am a qualified electrical engineer and can safely service the equipment if I have a manual or circuit diagram. John Isle of Arran

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