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  1. Not yet but as it only draws so little power I can probably repurpose an old Laccie external drive PSU for the job and release the bench PSU from duties
  2. Hi, Just thought I would update on this. It was the PSU all along. Running it off a bench supply for a couple of days at has worked fine. thanks for all the input. cheers Ian
  3. Yes well tonight at power on the frog sat there, no displays, all LEDs on. Checked PSU and down to 10.17v on the 12v line. 5v was around 4.9. Is that enough to cause a fail? left it for a while and eventually fired up of its own accord. Any bright ideas? cheers an
  4. Thanks for your responses. Did a few basic checks PSU and the like. Then tried to see if a FW update would help but no life from the FDD. Looking inside the red cable in the molex on the back of the drive looked like it wasn't fully seated. have no idea why this would cause the deadness but all is now functioning as normal. Thanks all an
  5. Hi, Our frog would not boot the other day. Changed the battery and it worked fine for a couple of days and then failed again. Tried another battery as the age of the replacement was not known so a genuine brand new Duracell was put in. Worked fine for about an hour and then froze. Hasn't booted since. I figure it may be beyond repair now given its age. So what do I replace it with? We use it a couple of times a year for live shows running a max of 36 dimmers but most of the time it just operates 14 LED par cans as eye candy lighting before cinema screenings. The frog is set up to step vi
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