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  1. Unbelievable... message sent. Here is the device after the modifications - CV outputs ported to front on 6.3mm jacks (vertically aligned with faders in group of 6) and added wood panels (so it can be stored in vertical position).
  2. I took a picture of the board to make sure we are talking about the same thing. It would be nice if I could get them to 0V as I was hoping to use it also for level control (through Voltage Controled Amplifier). I wonder if simply placing another diode in series with first one could drop the voltage down (?). Regarding the use of this: I have several ideas I would like to try, one of them is to hook it up to Mr Rossum's Assimilator (it actually even has 24 CV inputs). But that is just an example. In a way, sound or music develops through time in the same way as light scenes. I stumbl
  3. Thanks for you prompt answer – I have Sirius 24. I did some preliminary testing and it looks to be working fine. The input impedance on the modules I am using is 100kΩ. The common (0V) is now shared between Sirius and synth through the patch cables (not connected to chasis or ground) - I might use a separate thicker wire for that later. One thing that I run into is that I have slight offset on voltage outputs of Sirius - insted of 0 I get 0.24V. Any ideas what might be causing this or if it is whithin specs?
  4. Hello, are the CV outputs on zero88 light control desks generally compatible with control voltage inputs (0-10V) used in synthesizers like Eurorack? Thanks.
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