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  1. Hi Edward, Sadly no debug file or error message shown upon rebooting. Is there no log anywhere that can be extracted from the console to help understanding the issue? I invested some time into further investigating the problem. What I can say is that the thing is 100% reproducible with my desk. Here are the steps : Click on Reset Desk, it works Enable RigSync Let RigSync discover some devices Click on Reset Desk again -> grey screen and unresponsive console -> reboot required (note : the Reset Desk is not done when the crash occurs as fixtures still are
  2. Hi Edward, Any update about your investigations? Yesterday I could reproduce the problem 5-10 times in a row (it's getting quite annoying as I was trying to do something else entirely). It always happens when I play with RigSync, for instance detecting fixtures, then pressing Clear Desk in order to get rid of all detected fixtures and be able to do it again from scratch.
  3. Yes I was. This is precisely the problem : RDM does partly work with those splitters, but I guess there are a lot of packet collisions due to the poor implementation of the standard by the splitters, so the information received by the FLX is flawed, or partial at best. Thanks for the links, Il make sure to take a look. As for the RDM sniffer, this would indeed be a nice addition to ZerOS.
  4. I already thought about your Splitter (no doubt that it works perfectly well, and the fix switch is a nice feature), but as I consumed the investment budget of my theatre for the next half century by buying the FLX and the 18 ETC S4 Lustr fixtures (it is quite a small venue managed in an associative manner, so money is not really flowing), I'm going to have to look for something a bit/much cheaper but hopefully still functional. I understand you can't really promote other manufacturer's products in this forum, but maybe another user might have a suggestion Anyway thanks a lot for yo
  5. Indeed. I wrote to the manufacturer (Highlite), but I have little hope of getting an answer, let alone a satisfactory one... Do you or anyone else have experience with RDM splitters that work as advertised? I guess I'd better start looking for a replacement for my Showtecs, and if I could have a minimal level of certainty that the new devices will work as expected that would be a relief!
  6. This actually was quite odd : I patched my 18 S4 Lustr manually, then activated RigSync and it added that fixture. As I do not have any other fixture in my DMX network at the moment, I suppose it re-detected one of the already manually patched fixtures. This actually is odd, as I guess RDM must use some kind of universally unique device identifier in order to talk to a particular fixture before its DMX address is known (or actually even after it is known, since it is possible that DMX adresses of several fixtures overlap and thus cannot guarantee unicast communication). So it should see the de
  7. Hi Edward, I managed to reproduce the issue. The show file is attached to this post. What I did : Open Setup Display clear options Press on Clear fixture files (which succeeds) Press on Reset desk -> both monitors turn grey, console reboot required to get back to normal operation Rig Sync was enabled globally and on universe 1 both times when the problem occured, not sure if this has anything to do with the issue. A similar issue happened shortly after as I was trying to load a show I saved previously (which I could then successfully load after rebootin
  8. Hi Edward. I managed to find the courage to test the matter further after tonight's long programming session. Regarding the splitters, using only one of them doesn't fix the erratic RDM behavior. I'm really starting to think those Showtec RDM splitters are a joke. I still must test the other splitter alone (maybe only the first one is faulty, but I had enough for today ) Thank you David, this would be a good solution, but unfortunately I'd like to use the second universe with RDM disabled for my non-RDM devices (dimmers mainly).
  9. Hi Edward, Your reactivity is quite impressive, thanks a lot! In my case the second splitter is plugged into the first splitter's Thru port, so this topology wouldn't work either. However I am not sure I tried using only one splitter (not quite the solution in my case as I need 12 distinct DMX/RDM lines, but still interesting to try in order to confirm that those splitters break RDM conformity when chained). I'll try that later today Have a nice day!
  10. Hi, I am experiencing huge problems using RigSync on my FLX in my theatre. The infrastructure is as follows : two Showtec DB-1-8/RDM splitters are daisy-chained on output 1 of the FLX console with RigSync enabled. From the splitters, twelve DMX lines run around the stage, with 18 ETC SourceFour LED Series 2 Lustr (RDM-capable) connected to several of those lines. Every DMX line (including the one connecting the FLX and the splitters) is properly terminated. There isn't a non RDM-capable fixture connected anywhere. I tried connecting the FLX directly to each and every single DMX
  11. Hi Edward, Thank you for the quick feedback. Unfortunately I was just experimenting with the console at the time the problem appeared and I did not save the show at all. If it happens again, I'll make sure to send the show file to the support address. Good to know. Is there any way to check your "system" for known bugs and feature/improvement requests in order to avoid reporting something already known? Thanks a lot. I'am currently experiencing quite a lot of problems with RDM/RigSync used through DMX/RDM splitters, but this is off-topic, I'll start a new topic abo
  12. Hi, I just received my FLX console (zeros v.7.9.9). I still have quite a lot to learn/explore but I already am quite fond of it! However I spotted two curious behaviors I'd like to submit here since I did not find any mention of them in the forums. After patching my fixtures (not sure if I used rig sync or not) I tried the various clear options. On several occasions (but not always) I noticed that when clicking on "Clear fixtures files " and then on "Reset desk" both the internal and external monitors turned grey and only a power cycle could bring the console back to normal operatio
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