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  1. On the P18s, the 'a' and 'b' of a shutter move the blade from either side -- natively, it's not movement & swivel at all. So to get a non-angled cut, one has to alter 'a' and 'b' by the same amount. What I meant by converting to thrust&angle is this: the other console type knows that the P18 works this way, and offers the option of translating the a/b thing to thrust & angle settings (or movement & swivel in Zero88 nomenclature) -- so to get a non-angled cut, the programmer only has to change the thrust paramter. I suggest that you have a look at the P18s in Capture Sweden, the
  2. Hi, on a JB P18 moving light, the framing shutters are all over the place -- there are 9 settings in total, Frame a#1, b#1, a#2 ... b#4 and "frame assembly" for the rotation. a#1, b#1 and a#2 are together on one page. b#2, a#3, b#3, a#4 on the next. and finally b#4 and frame assembly last. This is really difficult to work with; the a/b1+2 should all be together on one page and the a/b3+4 on another. Also, from the platform I more frequently work on, I'm used to being offered the option of having a#1/b#1 converted to "Thrust A / Angle A", which I find easier to
  3. Hi, One thing that's really bugging me about the FLX S48 I've borrowed is the colour edit mode thing. If I've understood this correctly, you force the user to globally use either RGB or CMY mode, irrespective of how the fixture does its colour mixing. This is maddening: If I've got a moving light with mechanical subtractive colour mixing, then I want to see CMY. If the fixture natively does RGB, then I want to see RGB. To me, it's ridiculous if a Mac Viper presents itself to me as an RGB unit. But, it's equally silly if an ETC Series2 Lustr in Direct mode shows me Cyan, Mag
  4. Hi, this list of shortcuts seems to be incorrect, at least for some consoles. Though I can select for which console I want to see the shortcuts, the page would have me believe there is no difference between the FLX and the FLX S48. Which is clearly not the case -- for example the manual clearly states that Blind Mode is an FLX-only feature. And if I press the shortcut for Blind (Shift-Z) on the S48, nothing happens. Is there a complete list of shortcuts which are relevant only for the FLX S consoles? Another thing -- Coming from another platform, the ">" shortcut for T
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