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  1. Hi I am trying to use my ADJ sweeper beam led on my flx s24 and I can’t get it to do anything dose anyone have any ideas
  2. Hi I am trying to connect my Flx s24 to the zero is app iOS and it’s not working. can anyone help me.
  3. So I try and transfer it and when I do it doesn’t appear on the bord
  4. Hi I tired that it didn’t work
  5. Thanks that was relay helpful. I also have another question i got some fixture profile made for me by zero88 and I just don’t understand how to get them on the consul I don’t know if you could help with that as well?
  6. Hi everyone I wonder if you can help me I have the flxs24 and I am trying to use my vega spot 60 with the consul and I can’t do anything except pan and tilt dose anyone know how to get any light coming out of the fixture if so please help !
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