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  1. PSchermer

    OSC commands

    Hey Guys I've been playing around with osc and was wondering if there is any documentation on sending osc commands to the FLX. Im using companion in combination with a streamdeck and would like to trigger cue's, macros or pallets/groups.
  2. PSchermer

    16bit values

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your explanation. I agree with most of you comments, but disagree at the same time. Let me explain: The actual values are good to have, it makes it possible to be precise. especially when you want to type in the numbers by hand. But then again, when I want to be precise, these numbers are very hard to work with! exactly half of 540 or 100 is a lot easier than 32768. You also mentioned that most of the time we'll be using pallets and look at the stage to see if it looks right. That is very true. But in that case, I don't need these specific numbers anymo
  3. PSchermer

    16bit values

    Hello guys, I was wondering if there is a way to display other values than the 16 bit values. Even in pan and tilt, I rather see 0-100% (or real degrees preferably) than the 16 bit values. There is no way I can remember what half of 64whateveritis is! If there is no way to change the displayed values, please consider this as a feature request! Also, please have a look at the on screen keyboard layout, its just weird.
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