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  1. Hello again Because the library is lacking the new Aperture LS 300x I was trying to create a user defined dmx protocol with the Fixture Type Editor. After setting the parameters, I saved the .ift file to a stick and put it into the console. In Setup-Mode the console recognized the file, but when I press Load and try to download it, the following message occur: "Unable to open fixture type file.” Thanks for advices and help Niko
  2. Hello Edward First of all, thanks for your almost immediately response. In the end it turned out that it was a typical beginner's mistake, because there wasn't the latest version installed. I have fixed it. Greetings Niko
  3. Hello I wanted to update the FLX library. So i downloaded it on a stick (bit oldschool in 2021), started the setup menu. The file was recognized and I pressed Load. But the every time the error message „Source file is too big“ occured. Is this a bug or did I something wrong? Thanks for answers and Sorry for my german accent Niko
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