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  1. Ouch. Okay, I think I'll give the Phantom ZerOS in FLX mode a go and see how close I can get with the colours. Thanks both @Edward- Z88 and @kgallen for your suggestions!
  2. Hey! Is it possible to create a colour effect using two colour pallettes? I saw that there are already some colour fades in the console, such as between blue and white, however I want to make my own between warm white and pink. Is this possible, and if so how do I go about it? Kind Regards, Joel
  3. Thanks Edward for clarifying that. I think I might end up using multiple show files.
  4. Hi All, Is there a way to put a cuelist stored on a playback into "Storage"? I'm making playlists for our intro songs which changes every week. I'm not really wanting to remake them every week as I might not be in front of the desk and I'm hoping that volunteers can use it. For context, I know in MA when you make a sequence, it sits in a pool until you assign it to a fader. And you can delete the sequence from the pool without deleting it from the pool. Is something like this integrated into the FLX desks? It would be a massive help if it was. Thanks for your t
  5. Okay, thanks for the info Edward! Ended up patching them as single dimmers
  6. Hi All, I'm currently in the same boat and I've been googling a bit but can't find multicell support in any of the things I've looked at yet. Was this ever implemented? Thanks, Joel
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