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  1. Hi Keith, You were spot on it was the Three Ramp pot VR's on the back being set a bit too high. They were showing 7V at 0% and on preheat on they were showing 25-30v. Just adjusted them and they are back in line and working perfectly now. Thank you for the help
  2. Hi Everyone, Sorry if this is in the wrong section wasn't sure it this needed to go in Power or Discontinued Products. My question relates to Chilli Jr Dimmers (6 Channel Install Dimmers) and if the below is just normal operation. As we have received a set of four of them for an install which were taken out of a dead venue a year ago and i wasn't sure if this was normal behaviour for them? We have never really seem this product before as much of the installs around here have always been Beta Packs or the bigger Chilli Dimmers. When we attach a 650w fixture to any of the outlets we get a lamp glow not too noticeable but enough to see have the stage, looks around the 5% mark. The Desk is not sending any values to the DMX Address and on checking our outputs DMX1-6 are all showing 0 value to the channel and All the preheats are off on all 6 channels and it appears this occurs on all four dimmers and all six channels. We have done the factory reset and restored back to factory settings, So starting to think this is normal operations unless this range used to have issues with burning out resistors? I notice in the manual there is a min load per channel of 26w (0.1amps) is this just normal operation for this range of products or is this a fault that can be repaired? I know this is a very old product as it looks like it was discontinued at least 10 years ago but any help would be appreciated as i would rather reuse these dimmers then send them to scrap. Thanks in advance
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