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  1. Hi Edward, I have managed to upgrade the software now using a different usb stick and that has now fixed all the issues. Thanks you very much, Josh
  2. Hi Edward Yes I did have the shift button held down when I pressed enter. I have tried restarting it several times to see if that helps but it made no change. Josh
  3. Thanks for the reply. When I boot it with the arrows held down it goes into the update mode but it keeps saying "Searching for an upgrade file, Please Wait". I left it for 20mins before cancelling it as it didn't seem to find the update file. the usb has a light that was just solid red the entire time if that gives any info. When I go into the usb host mode option it doesn't come up with a upgrade option it just shows some text which I guess is some version info. I have included photos to see if that gives you any help. Josh
  4. I have a Jester 24/48 at my college that has issues with the USB port. When I try to save a show file to a usb stick it keeps saying working until I cancel the save. It also has issues using a keyboard for labelling cues and subs as it will only work with a specific keyboard as long as the keyboard was plugged in before it got turned on. It is running v3.1 firmware I have tried updating it to 4.1 but it cannot recognise the usb stick. I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong or if there is a issue with the desk.
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