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  1. Small question, if you solve this problem, we will be able to connect 10 dimmer chanels on one fixture, and so, extend the limitation of the controller. Is it because of this you didn't solve this problem or is it really a so big technical issue? I mean.. 4 years to fix a problem on a very popular fixture..
  2. Actually if I turn the colors chanels to 0, light goes off. when the dimmer only is on 0, there is still some light. If I clear the playback or the channel I have the dark, if I just use the fadder, it keeps randomly some light ( each time I up the fadder and go back down, the amount of light or color staying on the par is different) I have only this problem, with this console. Works perfectly with all other consoles / controlers. Also, this problem happends with the 10 pars I've got of this kind.
  3. Hello, I've got an issue with the pars not turning off. When I switch down the dimmer lights doesn't completely turns off. Dmx output says channels are on 0 ( on z, system info, dmx output), still some light. Working with all other lighting solutions. They're working on 6ch but I don't have strobe effect. last update installed. Thank you !
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