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  1. thanks mate sent me an old wheel today and it works fine, so all repairs now complete, but have but ya name in me boook thanks Dave
  2. American DJ quad pro scanners 1, 5, or 32 channel setting, in the database as QSPro1, QSPro5, QSPro32
  3. Thanks I have the 10.12.1 software, did that first to see if that made a difference If I change the setup a bit and group some lights I can get all the cans in and have 2 left over for the hazers that were linked anyway. I have found a profile for the movers I have but cant find the quad scanners in either library although they seem to be shown with a code QSPro32 in the database? Any help on that would be appreciated (I have put that in the fixtures page yesterday) Thanks Dave
  4. Hi, I am looking for a profile for an ADJ quad scan pro, the list of profiles gives it this code under american DJ QSPro1 QSPro5 QSPro32 and I would like to try all 3 but just cant find them in either of the libries under adj or american dj Any help would be appreciated Thanks Dave
  5. thanks, it is the board, I am pretty sure of that, I swapped it out with another working board to the same wheel and the wheel was ok. I also checked the small resistor on the board as i know that these can be a bit flakey but that was ok as well. Dave
  6. Hi Kevin, LOL it won't be skipped. I got it for 30 quid and have had to replace the battery No7 fader top row and am awaiting a middle coder wheel. With a bit of manual patching I can get the primaries on 1 row of faders and the secondaries on the other with the hazers set to the last 2 so faders all full!!!!! the 6 gobo movers and 2off multi beam effects will fit as sit on stage on the fixtures section, so I will have 4 places spare for a couple more movers for follow spots and then thats it, thanks for the suggestions and good luck for work next year. Dave
  7. Kevin Thanks that makes a lot of sense based on what I have found although toiling under misinformation. I think with a bit of juggling I can get to most of the effects I am looking for. I got the frog as I injured myself and cannot now lift heavy stuff and all the PA has gone along with all the heavy lighting and I am now down to LED pars and movers but the Avolite is very heavy so that also has to go, frog seemed a good choice, but not as flexible as I was led to believe. But Ha Ho, I might have to get rid of knobs and sliders and go lappy based............... (awaits the abus
  8. Edward, Thank you, I have been told some porkies so got to rethink, was told by a "friend" that this would do 250+ off the faders but could not make it happen. and now I see why, so back to the drawing board.
  9. HI I posted about this before but just got pointed to the manual so maybe It is me that is getting this all wrong so forgive the longer description. I have 4 banks of 4 par cans all having 8 DMX addresses and I want to set them up all on different addresses requiring 32 addresses per bank. so i set the first bank to 1 to 48, program with faders into mem 1 a chase and then transfer without time to a sub master, all works well so far. go to super used , desk setup patching, manual patch and change the DMX addresses on the faders to 49 to 96 to do the same chase on the second bank
  10. Hi, new to a frod desk. how do I set the dmx address on the desk so I can set chases up on sub masters to go above 48, need to have several submasters with chases for up to dmx 248. every time i change the dest settings in the super used it changes what i have already set to the submasters I am obviously doing something wrong HEEEEEEEEELP Please pretty please
  11. hi I need wheel/opto/hall new wheel, my middle wheel stopped working, i have swapped the connectors over and the fault moves so I know its the wheel board failed, (tested all the connectors and all continuous and tried it in other positions so I think i have covered all possible problems. Any ideas where to get a spare part, board or complete wheel board cable? Thanks Dave
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