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  1. It´s seems very clever. Thank you very much. I will test it and confirm in next week!
  2. I m sorry, but we have another lil case.) Function button View doesnt work standardly. No red light, and no reaction on internal display. Is there an option how to turn on Cue list and Playback Window. It dissapear. It´s a new think for us and it´s a twister! Thanks for your good-will!
  3. Thank you for quick reaction. It´s seems like only hack option.)
  4. Hello, I have one question to experienced with Zero flx s24: Is there a possibility to "blackout" channels/playbacks by one function, and then get back to light? I know the function hold Clear+playback - this I do when is chaos with effects and I need turn off. Is there something else how we can hold the dark and then back to the light? I really appreciated for answer, this is longstory problem with the ambivalance of the force in our theatre:) Thank You very much Norbert
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