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  1. Thanks. I do networking (Cisco, etc..) as well and have different VLANs on our network hence wanted to get the whole picture behind routing on the console (S24). So the Ethernet port is bridged on FLX S24? Does it have a virtual switch? Say if we have assigned different IP or each protocol, do they have to be on same subnet (seems like form the technical point of view unless it has VLAN tagging)? Thanks
  2. Yes all devices have their unique IP address either on DHCP or Static. The confusion was that each protocol has a mentioning of setting up the IPs. Thanks
  3. We have a FLX S24 and connected to out existing network with Ethernet cable (internet access is disabled from the router firewall on our network). FLX S24 - Remote IP Can connect to iOS Remote App and working fine on the network. Now going to setup Art-Net for this console. Plan is to assign Desk Universe 4 to Art-Net Universe 4 and control the devices on same Art-Net Universe. Question: Can the FLX S24 have same Remote IP as the Art-Net IP? If so how to setup? I prefer not to use multiple IPs on this console. Would like to use same IP ( for
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