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  1. Running 7.9.7 as stable, still adding to the rig and designing offline using Visualiser between my weekly site visits in lockdown. Running 7.9.8 as development for familiarity and forthcoming upgrade of main desk (probably once .81 drops). Still fiddling with fixture files. Ian
  2. I was wondering if it is actually possible to install two instances of phantom ZerOS on the same PC, namely 7.9.7 and 7.9.8? I have a laptop and tablet on the go at present but it would be more convenient to use just the one as the tablet is somewhat restrictive. However I don't want to waste time trying it out to no avail or doing split boot-ups. Thanks in anticipation for your reply.
  3. Edward, I tried the presets to playbacks quickly yesterday, using five faders patched to DMX universe 2 channels set to trigger five playbacks. It sort-of worked but some behaviour was not quite as expected, mainly on playbacks with colour only attributes and fader follow set. It seemed to be fine via the actual playback faders but via the triggering they went up OK but stayed up. I cannot emulate this on Phantom ZerOs due to the inability to connect DMX OUT to IN to fire the triggers. However I will look more closely when next in the venue as it might have been something I overlooked. As
  4. Edward, I assume that if I route the DMX OUT to DMX IN via a splitter in the above scenario, the channels I don't use to trigger Playbacks are available to route on to fixtures if desired?
  5. Thanks Edward, that explains the behaviour experienced and some tips for getting round it.
  6. Hi guys, I have been recreating my fixture profiles to make them a bit more streamlined and remove unwanted functionality. All is now working well, however I have noticed that regardless of what order I set the wheels, my Leapfrog 48 just sets them the way it wants to. For example, if I want red/green/blue on colour set 1 and blank/blank/white on colour set 2, it always puts white on set 1 first wheel. I'm running 7.9.7 with editor 2.6. Any ideas guys?
  7. No, that was all new to me, but thanks for the tip, I'll see if I can think of a use for it.
  8. I thought I saw somewhere in the forum (or maybe another forum) that being able to place a playback onto channel faders 1-48 as well as the ten paged MFF playbacks was coming on software. 7.9.x for Solution (and LeapFrog) desks. Is this actually the case or is this just wishful thinking? I realise I can do this with a Zeros Wing but that is a four figure sum more usefully spent elsewhere. Thanks, Ian
  9. I had seen that article but hadn't specifically tried the S version, thanks for the tip.
  10. I had a quick try-out with this without issue on my PC. However, I tried converting a couple of legacy fixtures and it suggested other fixtures that were similar but not identical. (Just low end washes and movers but the same physical looking fixture can have several arrangements of the attributes). What will the road map be on replacing the fixture editor tool, which I assume will not work with the new library? Thanks, Ian
  11. Eric, I can move between Leapfrog 48 and PhantomZeros in "Solution (& Leapfrog 48)" mode without issue, running current 7.9.7. It does give me a warning that the saved file I am loading was recorded on a Leapfrog (or a Solution) and some data may not be loaded, however it seems it does load ok. It is also possible to load the sample Capture program called Dockhouse.exe (the showfile is Dockhouse FLX CITP.jsf) that is visually almost fully controllable from the phantom although a few fixtures don't make it into Solution mode. I own a single Universe capture license but unfortunately un
  12. Confirmed the thumb wheel is the opposite way round to the apps on the real desk as well.
  13. Using Phantom ZerOS 7.9.7, I noticed this behaviour as well when playing about with Z remote and Z monitor Apps on both Android and Ipad. I will check it on our actual desk tomorrow, which is a Leapfrog 48 on 7.9.7.
  14. In answer to your question, it is a LeapFrog 48 and we don't have any conventional dimmers connected. The rig is mostly LED wash fixtures with a few movers (and a mirror-ball type effect). I might keep a few faders for conventionals should someone bring a rack in.
  15. Edward, thank you for your thorough reply. They had set the old desk up so that a handful of important fixtures had their channels patched onto the Presets in blocks of 6 (intensity, red, blue, green, white, not used). I had assumed at first that the heads were set to first address 1, 7, 13 etc. to achieve this but when I dug into the config I could see that the higher DMX numbers in the 100s were patched accordingly. Whilst it means the operator could colour mix on faders it would presumably conflict with LTP on the desk. Regarding intensity, can each of the 48 dimmers be patched
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