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  1. “TP-Link TL-WR841N 300 Mbps Wireless N Cable Router, Easy Setup, WPS Button” £15 from Amazon. Whilst I had a handful of old devices knocking around, I bought that one as it had several modes and I’ve found before that routers that are expecting to be able to get to the Internet via a WAN port can get sulky. It was on out of the box settings other than security settings.
  2. Just to provide an update, I tried connecting the apps from my phone and windows tablet right next to the wifi router, the phone still wouldn’t connect to the desk with connection error message but the Windows app would. I than examined the config in the router, the only thing that I didn’t expect was the DHCP lease set to one minute. I then did a factory reset on the router and locked down the SSID, password and admin access. (DHCP had returned to the default figure of 120 minutes). Access was subsequently fine from the apps. So, either a router gremlin, or some of the devices
  3. I’ll do more testing next week. Just the router cabled to the desk, nothing else on that network.
  4. I have had infrequent issues with “Desk connection failed” on both my Apple tablet and Android phone recently, both running latest software. Inevitably, on final tech focus, I couldn’t connect at all unless I renewed DHCP on the desk which would allow me in once for a short while. The desk IP always appeared in the app startup screen. Curiously, the Windows Zeros Monitor worked flawlessly on my tablet but it wasn’t practical to use that at the top of the access equipment! I suspect my wireless router settings as connectivity worked fine via my home hub but it is out of the box other than
  5. Ok, but please put this behaviour in the documentation somewhere so that it isn’t entirely unexpected for others who encounter it.
  6. I’m disappointed with your explanation, it sounds like it is excusing overly simplistic coding. Leapfrogs can’t have fixtures 49-100 so therefore the software will renumber all fixtures to 101 onwards in an order that bears no relationship to the original numbering unless it is a dimmer, even though the desk can support fixtures on 1-48 and they can be manually renumbered to that afterwards? I don’t think you are seeing this through the eyes of the customer. OK the Solution series is now legacy (but only just) and therefore low priority but this is a gotcha I wasn’t expecting.
  7. Hi guys, I’ve been merrily rationalising our leaprog config build to fit within the constraints of 48 fixtures 48 subs. The S24 is now our main desk and working OK. Our Leapfrog 48 is now demoted to backup desk. Both are running 7.9.9/2.0.1. However, despite having fixtures 1 -48 working previously on the preset faders, when I cleared the memory and loaded up the S24 save file, most of the fixtures were re-allocated onto MFFs 101 upwards, only three single channel fixtures survived on the preset faders. The three retained their fixture channel number but the reallocated fixtures had lost
  8. I’ve worked out where the missing settings went, I had changed the tracking options from enabled to cue only in record and update settings. I had mixed it up with cue only tracking in record options. All fine now, thanks for the nudges in the right direction.
  9. Ah, that old chestnut… It was indeed on smartTag for the default testing. For my actual showfile, I’m not seeing SmartTag in the record option page, nor tracking. Here is a quick screen grab to show. I’m not quite certain why it is doing this. This show file has been edited and moved between Leapfrog 48, phantom Solution, Phantom S24 and S24 numerous times so maybe it is time to recreate the show from a clean install…
  10. Hi guys, I’m merrily migrating our rig from the Leapfrog to the S24, tidying up and consolidating where necessary. Wanting to minimise red entries in the fixture list, I have been matching up fixtures in the database. The issue is in relation to 4 channel RGBW tape which was fine with the original profile. I converted the fixtures to “Generic/ LED-RGBW/4 channel 8 bit” and it seemed to work fine but I noticed when I updated the default I0/R255/G255/B255/W0 to 0/255/255/255/255 with “record/home/default” the fixture went back to 0/255/255/255/0 when released, the white level was not
  11. I recently obtained a 2nd user FLX-S 24 to use as an unskilled user alternative to our aging Leapfrog 48. I upgraded it to 7.9.9 ok but noticed a couple of oddities with a show file so checked it out in test mode and found three of the faders were non-linear (one of which doesn’t go all the way down to zero which is a real pain in channel mode). I’ve deployed the compressed air but the behaviour is the same so I’m in discussions with the vendor for spare parts. (I see 45mm pots are an orderable item on the spares tab). Anyway, on trying out the “Other Test” RDM loopback and NVR tests
  12. Cheers. for further details for case ZOS-7827 I attach a (unfortunately too short) video of a development showfile triggering and then getting stuck on one of the first five playbacks. It doesn't take too long to make all 24 MFFs get stuck. I can't reliably reproduce it on Dockhouse or Chateau but it does misbehave. Once stuck at full the flash button will flash on the MFF and remain like that until level matched. I find that if I delete a playback and re-record the state it works better for a while but will start to stick in due course. It definitely seems to be tied in to the speed &am
  13. I get the flash emulation idea, strange that it doesn’t work the other way snapping the level down to zero moving the fader though… I still asert that the DMX IN is unusable on both Leapfrog 48 and Phantom in Solution mode due to playbacks getting stuck at 100% and refusing to fade down, I will put together a little screen grab video to demonstrate this.
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