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  1. Hi everyone. I have a stupid question on disabling the tracking mode on Solution XL. The desk I am using now is 7.9.2. I am just frustrated that i cannot find a button to disable the tracking mode(which I can make it to Cue Only in Setup page). Is the Cue Only have the similar function compare with Non-tracking mode? Since this console is sharing to other students in my Uni, I don't want them to make mistake by using tracking mode and affect other showfile in the console. Gabriel
  2. Understand. Thank you for all the guidance. I will try it at soon at I get back to Uni to record a group
  3. I finally fixed it with another usb 3.0 and all has been updated. Thank you! Another question for the console. I tried to record groups for my light. I tried to press the MFKs Fixtures but nothing pop up for me. Even I choose another display window, it just pop up with beamshape,colour, groups but not one of them are fixtures window for me to record groups. What should I do?
  4. Opps now I have an update. I just successfully installed the update 7.9.7 version into my USB, which mean the problem in the previous post had been solved. Yet after I plugged in the USB into the console, I cannot see any software update application during the power up of the console. Which mean the version is still staying in I have tried several times to reboot it but nothing changed. Is there something I missed causing the fail of installation? - Download the USB Install Creator application available from the latest ZerOS Download (done) - Extract/unzip (done)
  5. I have just tried to update the console version. I found my console OS version is The software version s I tried to update it following the instruction in http://support.zero88.com/1518909581/ZerOS-Software-Update-on-Consoles-running-ZerOS-7-8-2-39-or-older.htm. Yet I found the 7.9.7 version cannot run in my window PC according to the instruction (please check the picture below). How can I fix it?
  6. OMG Thank you Edwards. These info really help me a lot. I believe the version is too old to handle these and I will update it as soon as I get back to Uni. Hope my questions are not too stupid as I am still a novice digging into this console.
  7. Gabriel Lau

    Smart tag

    Thank you Edward. I am using Solution XL in my Uni. My Uni is in Hong Kong and I wish I can attend the training session offer by your company. So right now I can just watch those online training sessions and dig into the console by myself as no one know how to use it.
  8. Thank you for answering my first questions. And Yes I am using Solution XL! I hope I can install it by myself. oh btw, is it possible to bring in a cat6 cable instead of cat5e? I only got cat 6 at home. For the second question, I just want to have the same screen with you according to the picture attached below. I saw the channel button window on the upper screen. Where should I open this window? And how can you name/categorize the channel regarding to the picture I attached? Gabriel
  9. Hi everyone. I have 2 questions and I am still figuring out how to fix it. The first one is inserting a wireless control in XL. My school didnt install the remote function due to security reason. Yet I want to use the remote badly as it is much easier for me to take control. Should I just bring in a Cat5e cable and a router in order to activate the remote function? I saw a wireless hub in the Manuel https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/420a6dfa-f8ae-4528-aca0-9619099cfa9b/FLX-networking-guide.pdf. Does that referring to a router? Secondly, I watched the online lesson vide
  10. Gabriel Lau

    Smart tag

    Hey everyone I am a bit confuse of what you are all talking about. So does it mean that Smart tag is just another name of tracking mode? As JWylie91 said, the smart tag will record everything (Let say I selected channel 3 @30% to update cue 1. Does it meaning that I will update all channel 3 into @30 in my show?) If the smart tag work in this way, can I un-select several cues so that I can avoiding fading up wrong channel in that several cues? Sorry I am still digging into this console as no one knows how to use in my Uni.
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