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  1. Thanks for the responses, Ian and Edward. Yes there's a 5V regulator but there are also ICs powered directly from the unregulated input voltage so it would need to be high enough for them to operate as intended. Given that Zero88 now ship a 12V PSU as "0010211", that seems the safe bet for a "non-OEM" replacement. The original Zero88 "10 V" unregulated PSU actually outputs 11.7V with an Alcora connected so not too far off 12V anyway.
  2. I own several Zero88 desks which use the 4-pin DIN PSU connector: Level 6 DMX (grey one, if that matters), Alcora Mk1 & Mk2, and Diabolo. Each desk has the PSU pinout marked next to the connector and they all show Pin 1 as +9V DC. (I'm not worried about Pin 3 as none of my desks have analogue output.) However, the instruction manuals for the four desks (as currently on zero88.com) specify different voltages for Pin 1: Level 6 & Alcora Mk 1: 9V Alcora Mk2: 10V Diabolo: 12V A support post by Zero88 states the same PSU "0010211" is suitable for all these desks (the post s
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