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  1. thanks. I'm glad that it's already in your bug tracker. I hope solving this bug could re-init the fader mode at the same time. This could prevent the use of copy/paste too, since it's counterintuitive to not be able to revert back.
  2. 2 things: Is there a way to mix manual fade (2 way) with Go (fade) ? Using the manual fade seem to desactivate permanently the Go button. After using a manual fade on a cue list, how to revert to another fader mode (HTP or the other manual fade) without deleting the cue list, turning on/off the FLX S48 or making a save/Load of a file. Some few other note: if after using manual fade you press CLEAR+GO, the fader become desactivated (Go is still not responding), and trying to change the fader mode, make appear a new line at the begining of the cue list, with the Q# "--".
  3. Hi Eric, Can I get a copy of your French manual ? I was making my own translation. I did made an auto translation of the PDF, and was begining to reformulate, when I get here.
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