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  1. Thanks very much - that's saved me a lot of head scratching & angst!
  2. However, I'm a simple fellow & hoped someone would say "Yes, you can use Phantom Frog to generate DMX as follows. . " OR "No, can't be done". I suspect the latter!
  3. Phantom is very useful for demonstating desk principals. This super desk is used in a school theatre & youngster find it easy to use - credit to the designers! I often have to work single handed & the F.Frog is a long way from the stage! To save my aging body, I use a laptop & Maplin usb/DMX dongle to control individual generics when setting up shows. Is it possible to use the Phanton Frog to control lights from this laptop, using usb/DMX dongle? Would also be a handy backup if Frog ever died, and in classroom for demos as above.
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