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  1. Hi. I’m currently running our conventional lights via the 5pin output to the dimmer packs, then a 5-3pin adaptor to connect to the LED lights. I was wondering, seeing as the FLX S48 has both 3pin & 5pin outputs, could I use the 5pin as normal, but connect the LED lights via the 3pin output directly without having to use an adapter? Ciao Rob
  2. Thanks - wishful thinking is was done automatically
  3. Hi. I'm new to the FLX S48, so still getting used to what this system can do, but loving it. I have an external monitor attached and have a question regarding the Cues Playback window. When running a playback, the top window displays output of the lamps, as expected. The bottom window shows what cue is running, with fade times and cue stack (if programmed). Also as expected. My question is - when changing to another playback (ie. fade down MFF1 and fade up MFF2), the bottom window doesn't automatically update to the current selected playback. The only way I can change the display is to pr
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