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  1. Hi Ed Thanks I had managed to clear the problem by trial and error by holding don the memory +- while powering up ,or maybe the console sorted its self out I have since done a clear all and every thing seems to be working normally .I cant plug the console in to dimmers at the moment as due to the lock down I can't get to my studio at the moment to connect any dimmers so experimenting is not showing me the direct results Its's a long time since I have seen a Sirius let alone use one, for over 20 years,I spend more time setting up nodes and multiple universes these days.. my
  2. I have an old Sirius 24 which has a problem,all the red and yellow led's come on on start up and stay o ,none of the LCD's come on at all and the console dosen't respond to any key press. I am hopping a factory reset will sought out,what I don't know how to do a factory reset
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