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  1. Hi The console freezes at random times. Sometimes after 20min sometimes after 2.5h. We also have a router (no internet connection) connected to the desk if that may interfere. I have disconnected it and we will se if that makes a diffrence. If it continus after the weekend ill talk to the seller. Thanks for the input.
  2. Hi! We recently installed a FLX S24 in our newly renovated church. We are barley scratching the surface of what the desk can do. However we have encountered a problem, all of a sudden the desk freezes up. You cant do anything on the desk. The display is on but unresponsive all the lights on the buttons work but they are also unresponsive. After some minutes all the lights connected to the desk turns off. The only thing to do is to turn off the desk and reboot. I dont get any debug file or any error messages. We dont have anything in any of the USB ports. The desk is connected to
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