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  1. Hi all I was wondering of its possible to temporarily change the color of fixtures. What I mean by this is to set a color to a fixture, than start a chase or something that also changes the color, stop the chase which returns the color back to the original. For example: I have a couple pars changing blue to red every second. I want to have a button that latches a white strobe. So far all of this is possible however, when I unlatch the strobe I want the pars to go back to red or blue. Is this possible in the current 7.9.9 firmware? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, No it stays like that even after cycling through the different views, recording a new playback onto the fader, deleting a playback on that fader, ... As I said, the only way I've found to fix it thus far is restarting / power cycling the console. I haven't been able to consistently recreate it. I will let you know if I figure it out. Mil
  3. Thank you for the quick response I assume that means what I want to do is not possible? No idea, I haven't really tested or looked into it yet, just saw it happen a few times but it never really hindered what I was doing so I didn't really look into it. I did take a picture once to show you what I mean. To be clear, we're talking about playback 37. I recorded something on this playback and I noticed that even when the fader was at 0 it was still backlit as if it was active. I deleted the playback but it was still backlit and this is when I took this picture. I d
  4. After the new update I've been experimenting and reacquainting myself with the zero88 FLX S48 again and I had a question. Lets say I have playback 1 set to intensity of some generic pars and playback 2 set to strobo for those pars. In a perfect world I'd like to: - be able to set my intensity using the playback 1 fader - set a color, say red, on my external monitor - After my pars are red I want to use playback 2 for a white strobo (usually using the button not the fader) - when I release the button on playback 2 I want my pars to be red again I was able to get to step 3
  5. Thank you very much. I'll try this later. You say the fader will then control speed and size but how does that work? Is it merged together or is it speed at the lower half and size at the upper half of the fader? Mil
  6. Hi all, I was playing around with my desk some more and I couldn't quite figure this out. Is it possible and how would I do it to have one fader work as dimmer, one for the speed of a or all effects and one for the size of a or all effects. When I say a or all I mean change the speed and size for a specific effect or set it up so it changes the speed and size for all effects IF available. Thanks in advance Mil
  7. Hi all, I put an effect in a cuestack. Can I control the speed of the effect while in playback? Thanks in advance. Mil
  8. Thank you both very much I will try this later
  9. Hi all, I recently got my hands on a FLX S48 2U. I installed the latest software update (7.9.7). I was playing with moving heads and movement effects. Most of these have a standard offset. My question is: can i change the offset. when I enable the effect the offset is to significant for most of my use cases but when I turn the offset encoder there is no offset at all. Is it possible to get something in between? Thank you in advance Mil
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