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  1. I have used the same cables on both the desk and the computer and the problem only happens on the desk, I have noticed that when you go on the DMX outputs page that the DMX values do change when there are no cues or chasers going on
  2. Hi, recently when using my schools fat frog, dimmers on our rig just start flickering and sometimes cuts out completely, we have had our dimmer pack checked and tested all of our cables but the problem still happens, I have confirmed that it’s the fat frog as I have used computer software to control our lights on multiple occasions and had no problems. i think it might be the battery as I don’t think it has ever been changed and we have had the desk since the late 90s (well I’m guessing as it have a floppy drive and vga), also the clock on the frog is always wrong and when I set it to the
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