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  1. Hi, I have saved it on a new usb and still seeing the same number of cues here's a picture showing the memories end at 37 in phantom jester but the desk is programmed upto 122?
  2. hmm ok that's what I thought - so something is wrong, can't understand why it isn't saving everything. Could really do with a back up - I know the other show cues are in the desk just not saving to the usb
  3. Ah - I can see that I can create new show - but how does it know when one show ends and another starts. Can I just get it to save the whole desk as it currently is?
  4. Thanks - It just has one show name - I couldn't see any way to choose two names when I was saving - is that possible? Couldn't find anything in the manual
  5. Hi Ed, I haven't pressed ok on load show - thought that would load the USB info onto the desk and if it hasn't saved Show2 that would clear the rest of the cues?
  6. Thank you that has worked! Can I ask another Q please? I have two shows saved on the desk Show 1 is cue/memory 1 to 37 and Show 2 is cue/memory 38 onwards. I have gone through the 'save a show' instructions and saved onto a 28gb usb but when I open in phantom jester I can only see the Show 1 cue list and nothing after that - have I missed something out. I wanted to save all saved cues on one usb Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Ed I didn't manage to patch the dmx - and the tech at the venue couldn't do it either just kept bringing up the opposite light and we ran out of time - although something changed - we used their desk and re-programmed the show on that for the night. However, I now need to make sure dmx 1 is channel 1 and so on - how do I reset, please?
  8. Thanks Ed - So tap the channel fader once to save new dmx but tap again and it clears the dmx back to default?
  9. Thanks Ed - It's currently on default patch which I will want to return to - Just so I am clear because it sounds easier than I was expecting! In Super User mode I can select <DMX Patch> and find the dmx address by pressing the up and down arrows that I want to be controlled by Channel 1 and press the button under that Channel 1 fader? Then repeat for each light? I will know it's worked because the button is lit? Do you mean a different button to the one under the Channel fader when you say - Best wishes Claire
  10. Hi, I have a Jester but no monitor and am using our desk at another venue but their dimmers and lights - this Friday!! I don't want to re-program our whole show as we have a limited get-in. I have never done patching before but I guess its a way of telling my desk that the light I have programmed for channel one, dmx 1 can be the light on say dmx 8 on someone else's rig? The manual talks about a monitor and using the cursor keys - as below 'Use the cursor keys to select the menu option <DMX Patch>. The LCD and monitor display the DMX patch, in sequence from DMX 001.' Are
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