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  1. Sending show files to support@zero88.com as requested.
  2. Edward Updated to 7.9.7 Still doing it. Attached is show file. Going between pages with nothing in them is OK. To demonstrate pages with playbacks in, going up and down between Pages 7 and 14, for instance, it cannot catch up, and gets progressively worse as you go up, down, up, down. 04-01-20.isf
  3. I just suffered exactly the same problem last week; mid-show with lots of 'on the hoof' playback/submaster changes. Pressed Page up by a mistake and couldn't get back to the right page for between 30 - 50 seconds. Did this several times, dammit! Clumsy oaf. We have a Leapfrog 48-96 with 7.9.6. In the next couple of days am going to try to see whether problem was exacerbated by extra Fixture programming. Will try to bring home the Show files, in case they are of use as another example of the same 'Lag' problem. All the Best David David Fleming-Williams On behalf of: The Heswall Hall Community Trust (Technical)
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