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  1. Dear All, last week we had a Jester 24ML stopped working during programming a show, thank god we had a Frog as a backup, now, when starting the Jester, all displays show white horizontal stripes and the main display shows only some general information: "Jester ML Zero 88 (c) 2005-2010 " Can somebody please help? Thank you and best regards
  2. Hi Edward, that was exactly the solution, I´m happy. Thank you so much and all the best wishes for 2020. Bruno
  3. Hi All, I used the fixture type editor to get my new LEDs onto my Jester 24ML. I created a file .ift, but everytime I want to add this fixture, the desk tells me "No Fixture Manf data". Version is 4.1, a recent update of the common fixture library was without any problems. Has someone an idea, what I´m doing wrong? The fixture data were validated by the fixture editor. Thanks
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